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The MGMini might be our smallest device, but it packs the most power. Designed with years of customer feedback in mind, this compact device is available in several colors, can be worn in multiple ways, and can automatically switch between 4G cellular carriers to ensure the best coverage for you. It’s crafted to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, not define it.

  • Battery Life: Enjoy an extended battery life, providing power for up to 5+ days.
  • Engagement Reporting: Step tracking with activity and inactivity updates through our online portal
    & app.
  • Widest GPS Coverage: Hourly GPS location updates covered by 4G LTE services.
Height: .57 in.
Width: 1.3 in.
Length: 2.15 in.
Weight: 0.08 lbs.
Network: AT&T and Verizon

Live Your Life With Confidence

Why People Love The MGMini:

Remain Active, Safely

Feel safe in and around your home with 24/7 protection, allowing you to never feel alone.

Stay Protected Everywhere

Bathe in relaxation, knowing you have wearable, water-resistant protection to keep you safe.

Press One Button For Help

Request EMT, the Police, Fire Department, or Family Members for help whenever you need it.

The MGMini

Stay Safe, Confident, & Independent

No matter where life takes you, you can always count on the MGMini. This reliable and discreet mobile device is designed to give you the confidence to stay active, independent, and be the best version of yourself. Click the video to learn more about how the MGMini can support you in living life to the fullest.

What’s Included

MGMini Device

The discreet & powerful medical alert device you’ve been waiting for.


Wear the lightweight MGMini around your neck with your adjustable or non-adjustable lanyard.

Charging Cradle

You only need to charge for 4 hours to get up to a full 5 days of use.

Belt Clip

Necklaces not your style? No problem, just attach the clip to your belt or purse.

Our Online Portal & App

Our online member portal & app are digital hubs for aging-in-place. They were designed to make connecting and collaborating with emergency contacts as simple as possible.

#1 Customer Care App in the medical alert industry by

Use our online portal & app to collaborate and stay on top of important tasks:

  • Manage your Care Circle & emergency contacts
  • Chat with members of your Care Circle
  • Stay organized with helpful tasks & activity reminders
  • Update and maintain Care Recipient information & more

Detect Falls, Automatically

The MGMini can come equipped with automatic fall detection for an additional $10 fee monthly. Our superior 6-axis fall detection technology offers high-accuracy with minimum false alarms.

9 of 10 people add this feature.

Monthly Testing Made Easy

Exploring your device’s connectivity is effortless and reassuring with MGMini. Feel free to comfortably test your connection at any time—you won’t need to worry about unnecessary alerts or involving operators. It’s a simple way to ensure everything’s working perfectly, leaving emergency services readily available for when they’re truly needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get To Know Your MGMini

Can I wear the MGMini in the shower?

The MGMini is water-resistant and can be worn comfortably in the shower, an area where 80% of falls occur. Just ensure you don’t fully submerge your device, as it is not fully waterproof.

Will I be protected anywhere I go with the MGMini

Our highly certified emergency operators can send immediate help to you at home or on-the-go. The MGMini has the widest GPS coverage of any medical alert, equipped with AT&T connectivity and Wi-Fi location signal backup.

Can I speak to an emergency operator through the wearable device?

You sure can.
The MGMini comes with clear two-way audio speakers allowing you to connect to emergency operators 24/7/365. 

Can I stay protected when my device is charging?

Add a secondary pendant to your order. With a secondary wrist or neck pendant you can connect to the MGMini while in charging mode and access emergency help with the push of the button. This secondary pendant does come at a small fee, but it is well worth the extra layer of protection.

Do I need to have AT&T network service on my cellular plan to use this device?

Not necessary.
The MGMini comes with a cellular SIM card embedded in the device and is equipped with its own service plan that’s all bundled into your total service costs. Enjoy nationwide 4G LTE coverage.

Do I have to wear the MGMini as the necklace?

You can also use the additional belt clip included with your device to attach the MGMini to your purse, pants, or fanny pack when going on a long walk. The device also comes with two necklaces, one with an easy magnetic clasp and the other with an adjustable lanyard. Your comfort is our top priority.

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