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About Your Home Guardian

Back to Home Guardian II support > Back to the Support Center dashboard > A Quick Tour AReset ButtonThe Reset Button is used to complete a soft reset of the base station. B2-Way SpeakerYou can clearly hear and speak with an emergency operator using this speaker...

About your Home 2.0

Back to the Support Center dashboard > 1Backlight This backlight helps you quickly identify the Help Button’s location in the dark. 2Help Button Press this button to make an emergency call to our Monitoring Center. 3Smarti Voice Assist Smarti Voice Assist tells you...

About Your Mobile 2.0

Back to the Support Center dashboard > AMicrophone Speak here to directly communicate with the emergency operator. BHelp Button Press and hold for 3 seconds to report an emergency. To cancel an accidentally activated alarm, press again within these 3 seconds. CTop...