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Speak here to directly communicate with the emergency operator.
BHelp Button
Press and hold for 3 seconds to report an emergency. To cancel an accidentally activated alarm, press again within these 3 seconds.
This status indicator glows green on a scale of green (good,) to red (bad,) to represent cellular connectivity.
DBottom LED
This status indicator glows green on a scale of green (good,) to red (bad,) to represent battery strength.
Listen here for inbound audio from our emergency operators.

FSmarti Voice Assist
Smarti Voice Assist is equipped to report your device’s battery level, cellular network strength, and UDI (Unique Device Identification). It also can help you sync accessories and perform monthly testing via interactive voice response.

Mobile 2.0 Features

Embrace Voice Assist Technology

Activate self-testing and device status reporting with the simple press of a button. Smarti serves as a 1-stop informational hub for essential device information.

Enjoy Our Fastest Connection Speed Yet

Mobile 2.0 is connected anywhere with cellular service. It even features advanced location monitoring that uses 4G LTE, WiFi and GPS to ensure our best-ever connection speed.

Wear It Your Way

You can wear Mobile 2.0 two ways. Choose to clip the device to your clothing, or place it in your bag and snap your interchangeable Help Button into one of two included wearables – the necklace or wristband.

Connect Your Care Circle

Build a network of emergency contacts in the MyGuardian Portal that are instantly reachable in times of need. Your Care Circle can even view your location and/or activity, if desired.

Experience Care on Call

Our attentive, 24/7 Monitoring Center has your back in times of duress. We keep essential information instantly accessible while simultaneously safeguarding your privacy.

Fall Back on a Reliable Multi-Day Battery

1 full charge lasts 3-5 full days for peace of mind on-the-go. Mobile 2.0 is a reliably connected companion for extended weekends, outdoor excursions and more!

Reclaim Your Shower Time

Bathe in relaxation, knowing you have wearable, water resistant protection. Mobile 2.0 can be worn in the shower.

Forget You’re Wearing It

Mobile 2.0 is one of our most minimally invasive, lightweight designs weighing in at 1.7 ounces. A comparable mobile device is typically 2.5 ounces.

Illuminating LEDs

Cleaning Mobile 2.0

We recommend that you clean Mobile 2.0 weekly to help ensure proper charging.

Using a soft cloth, gently rub the charging contacts on both the device and cradle to remove dirt, oil, and debris. You can use household cleaner, but be sure to spray it onto the cloth and not the device surface.

Using the Help Button with Your Necklace and Wristband

Your interchangeable Help Button easily “pops” into both your necklace’s pendant and wristband’s watch frame. Simply hold the framing between your thumb and index fingers to “pop” the button out in or out of either wearable. Your necklace or wristband may serve as a discreet backup for when your base battery runs low.

Charging Mobile 2.0

Smarti Information + Testing for Mobile 2.0

Your Mobile 2.0  has accessible voice reporting and built-in testing  capabilities

Pressing Your Info Button


Press Smarti Voice Assist for 1 second to initiate reporting. After 1 beep, the device will say “Release for device information or continue to hold for the next option.” If you release the button, the device will automatically provide updates, such as strength of cellular signal, battery level and UDI (Unique Device Information) number.

Testing Your Device


If you continue to hold Smarti Voice Assist, testing will be triggered. The device will beep and say “Release for device testing or continue to hold for the next option.”

Press the Help Button for 3 seconds to test. You will be prompted to state your name to test the two-way microphone. When the test call has been completed,the device will say “Call Completed.”

If there is an issue with the device, Smarti will announce a code that will help our Customer Care team identify the issue. Please call 1.800.313.1191 to troubleshoot.

If the operator is unable to connect through the device, they will try calling you on your phone. Keep an eye on your phone in case it rings—it’s likely a call from us!

Attaching Your Base Unit to the Belt Clip

Using Your Lockbox

STEP 1: Enter your 4-digit, secret lockbox combination code

STEP 2: Open your lockbox

STEP 3: Place your key inside of your lockbox

STEP 4: Secure your lockbox

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