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mg diagram

ASOS Button (Red)
Press and hold for 5 seconds to make an emergency call. This can also be used to take you back to your previous screen.

BSleep/Wake Button (Black) (Red)
Press and hold for 20 seconds to reboot system if needed. When the device is out of battery and placed on the Charging Cradle, it requires a 20 second press on this button to boot up.
CAdjustable Wristband (Red)
Metal clasp and rubber wristband work together to provide the perfect fit.
DTouch Screen (Red)
Access all Smartwatch Apps, including the touch screen SOS App Icon. On the clock screen, there will be a dot that is either green, yellow, or red. This represents your signal strength. These colors are explained in the signal strength chart.
EBattery Light Status (Red)
When you place your smartwatch on the Charging Cradle, the light will show your charge status.

Battery Life & Signal Strength

batteryYour Interchangeable Help Button easily “pops” into both your necklace’s pendant and wristband’s watch frame. Simply hold the framing between your thumb and index fingers to “pop” the button out in or out of either wearable. Your necklace or wristband may serve as a discreet backup for when your base battery runs low. 


Core Features

Your MGMove is full of useful features that you can access with the swipe of your finger. To access your apps, tap the watch face.


Reporting an Emergency
The SOS App is one of two ways to activate the device to get help from our Monitoring Center. Tap the SOS icon to initiate help. You can also press and hold the physical red SOS Button on the side of the smartwatch for 5 seconds. In the event of a false alarm, you can cancel the alarm when in the 5 second window.

The Test App should be pressed at least once a month to ensure that your device is operating correctly in the event of an emergency. You can test your device with an automated recording rather then sending an actual alarm to an agent. Your device will indicate that the test call was successful.

The Steps App tracks the number of steps taken daily and weekly. The measure toggle needs to be on to collect your step data. To set your goal, click on the gear icon and tap + or -. The Reset option can be used to set your goal back to 0. Once the goal has been adjusted, press the back button to get back to the main screen.


The Weather App will use the current location of your device to display the current conditions.

To access your settings click on the setting icon from your home screen. Next, tap the words More Info. From there, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap User Settings. Enter code 1234

Here you can change your watch face style or update your Shake to Wake preference.  To change your clock face, tap the name watch face. Then, swipe to the watch face of your choice and tap it. The tap will save the choice, click the SOS Button to go back. Shake to Wake is turned on by default. Turning Shake to Wake off may extend your battery charge. 

Support Circle Apps

If you would like to purchase these additional features call 
Reminders Reminders created in the MyGuardian Web Portal & App can be sent and reviewed by the Care Recipient. The wearer will get an alert that the event was sent. Reminders are sent 15 minutes before the event unless otherwise specified.


They can be reviewed at anytime of the day by tapping the reminders icon. The number badge displays the amount of upcoming reminders for the day. Events in the past will not be shown but you can scroll through your future events for the day and will reset the next day.

The Messages App gives Caregivers the ability to communicate with the wearer via the MyGuardian Web Portal & App. The Messages App icon displays the number of queued messages. Tap the Messages Icon from the home screen to start

Care Circle members must be set up through the MyGuardian portal to be able to receive messages from the wearer. To send a new message, the wearer will tap the initials of the portal member that they want to send a message to. The wearer will be given the option to record a message or use a pre-scripted statement.

To view queued messages, (messages that have not been deleted or responded to) tap the center Messages Icon. Swipe back and forth to preview messages.

When viewing incoming messages the wearer can Read or Play their message, and then,  Respond or Delete. Responses from the wearer can be returned to the sender as a yes, no, or the option to leave an audio recording of 60 secs or less. In the event of a recording, they will have the option to Review, Re-record, Send, or Cancel the message.

When a message is first received, it will make an alert sound and display a message preview screen. The wearer can tap on the View Messages icon to read the message in full.

Add Support Circle Members

The Support Circle Apps allow you to stay connected to the people who support you the most.

Send the Caregiver to this link: mymedicalguardian.com/create-account.

The Caregiver fills out the registration page with their own name and email. They will create a username and password, and then verify the account using text or email verification.

The verification email takes them directly to the next step of the registration process, asking for the Care Recipient’s name, zip code, and the System UDI number. The UDI is a 9 digit number that can be found on the back of the watch face and on the box.

At that point, the Account Owner will be notified that the Caregiver has applied to be a MyGuardian user. They will receive an email that will allow them to review and approve the application.

An approval confirmation email will be sent and at this point the Caregiver will be able to login and use MyGuardian.

NOTE: In order to use the MyGuardian Portal & App to send Messages and chat with the rest of the Support Circle, click on the chat icon in the upper right of the screen. 

To access Reminders click on the Managed Care tab from the left side navigation and then select Activities & Reminders from the expanded left hand sub-navigation.

Using Your Lockbox



STEP 1: Enter your 4-digit, secret lockbox combination code

STEP 2: Open your lockbox

STEP 3: Place your key inside of your lockbox

STEP 4: Secure your lockbox

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1. Charge

Begin by facing the red SOS Button up and align the pins on the Charging Cradle with the back of the watch. Voice Assist will announce that the device has been correctly seated on the charger.

The device will take approximately 2-3 hours to fully charge. The green Full Charge light will appear at the base of the cradle.


2. Activate

Fully charge your device. Tap the watch face to get to the home screen. Then, tap the Test App to initiate the automated testing process.

A call will be placed to our Monitoring Center. Follow the voice prompts as directed until you hear a success confirmation.

Your system will be in test mode for a few moments, after which your system will be fully operational.


3. Fit Your Band

Take the side of the wristband with the holes, and pass it through the opening of the metal clasp. Secure the metal anchor pin through the hole that would best fit your wrist.
Close clasp, if the fit is too loose repeat the first step until the desired fit is achieved.
NOTE: You will only do this for the initial fitting. Once you have set the band to the correct size, you can use the side clasp buttons to put on and remove your watch easily.

4. Put it On and Go!


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